We thrive in large part because of our dedicated parents and parish volunteers!

St. Frances Cabrini school thrives in large part due to the dedication of parent and parish volunteers. Our volunteers are priceless and make an important impact on the quality of education at SFC. They also decrease the cost of education and strengthen the partnership between home and school. Each family is required to volunteer 30 hours (or 15 hours per parent if single family).

In addition, each family is required to volunteer 5 hours toward the school Auction, which is the largest fundraiser of the year. Volunteer hours are fulfilled through activities that visibly benefit and support the school and/or parish community. One-third of a family’s volunteer hours may be fulfilled through Parish activities. There are volunteer jobs to fit everyone’s schedule. If you need help getting volunteer hours, let the Development office know. We can help recommend ways to volunteer.

We want every family to feel successful in completing their volunteer hours.

Below are some examples of the many volunteer opportunities:

  • Help in the classroom
  • Drive for a field trip
  • Help on a Saturday school clean-up day
  • Assist a teacher with a project
  • Help at a school event (Christmas program, Grandparent’s Day)
  • Work at the Book Fair
  • Share your skills (gardening, carpentry, music)
  • Make phone calls for the Annual Giving Campaign in the month of October
  • Serve as a volleyball, basketball or cross country coach/helper
  • Help with music at the school Mass
  • Serve on the Parent’s Club
  • Serve on the School Commission Sub-committee’s
  • Data entry for the Development office
  • Serve on the Auction committee’s

In order to volunteer with students, each volunteer is required to attend a class on “Protecting God’s Children.” To register for this 3-hour class, go to http://www.seattlearchdiocese.org/SEP/training.aspx to sign up. There are classes in English and Spanish. Afterward, you need to take online classes periodically and keep your background check up to date.

A message from our principal, Mrs. Monica Davis:

Volunteers are crucial to our success as a school. We are so grateful to our volunteers. Yes, it is a requirement, but it’s more than that. It is a way that you can say to your child that their education is important.

Not only are you paying for their schooling, but you are willing to get in there and be present to help. It says so much to your child. Action speaks louder than words. It is saying to your child, “Your school is so important. Your education is so important that I am going to give up time, my time, to help your school.” POWERFUL. It also shows your children the importance of participating in the larger community. It models service to others.

Not only will St. Frances Cabrini School take in the benefits of your involvement- but you will also, too. By interacting with teachers, administrator, and other parents on a regular basis, you’ll gain a firsthand understanding of your child’s daily activities. You’ll also tap into the trends and fads of school life that can help you communicate with your kids as they grow and change (all without intruding on their privacy or personal space).

Even if you haven’t been involved in the past, it’s never too late to start. In fact, it may be more important than ever to get involved when kids reach middle school. Some parents may experience “volunteer burnout” by the time their kids enter middle school or decide that the schools do not need them as much then. But this is when you really need to know more about your child’s interactions, friends, values, etc. Volunteering is a great way to do this!

The truth is we need you! All of our extracurricular activities are fueled by volunteers. Even the leadership structure of the Commissions, Parent’s Club, and Auction, need your help. We are always seeking volunteers to support our school community. Please come forward and show your volunteer spirit!