Welcome to Physical Education!

My name is Mary Holroyd. I graduated from Washington State University and earned my Catechetical Certification from the Archdiocese of Seattle. I am a proud mom of three St. Frances Cabrini graduates and have been affiliated with the school since 1994. I came back in 2008 to join the staff and teach PreK thru 8th Grade Physical Education. This has truly been a dream job and a blessing to be part of such a faith-filled community.

Philosophy Statement
•  I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world.

•  I believe that every child is capable of learning and is able to rise to set expectations.

•  In my class, I will teach children how to become responsible for themselves as well as their own learning.

•  I will give them the tools to become successful in life, to believe in themselves, and to love themselves.

Grade Level Development

Each age level works to their abilities.

• Students learn to develop individual skills as well as basic rules and strategies necessary to become successful in various sports/games.

• Students learn and improve skills on how to be a team player and exhibit good sportsmanship.

• Students will recognize the importance of lifelong fitness with the benefit of healthy minds and bodies.


Pre-K through 3rd grade (PE) 
• Loco motor skills (walk, skip, run, jump, hop, and slide)
• Movement experiences–learn and participate in simple games/activities
• Demonstrate good sportsmanship
• Simple tumbling–rhythmic activities

4th through 8th grade (PE)
• Sports skills by season (soccer, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, bowling, etc).
• Physical Fitness
• Learn basic skills, rules, offensive and defensive strategies/basic knowledge