Meet Our Staff & Faculty

Meet our amazing teachers and staff at Cabrini

“Teaching lays the foundation for Faith and life in our children. The major reason for our school’s existence is to develop Christ-like people. The methods have changed over the years. Today we develop an atmosphere of close relationships, a strong supporting environment. Instead of old-fashioned teaching, we teach our students to live out their Christian beliefs through service to others, unity in diversity, hope and sharing in the midst of a demanding materialistic world.” — Stephanie Van Leuven (Former Principal, St. Frances Cabrini School)

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Administration and Staff

Mrs. Cris Cooper Office Manager

Mrs. Monica Davis Principal

Mr. Michael Kizer Facilities Manager

Mrs. Marie Paige Bookkeeper/Registrar

Mrs. Aracely Ray Custodian

Mrs. Shannon Smith Extended care Coordinator

Mrs. Patricia Vargas Custodian

Mrs. Rose Vlad Development of Admissions and Marketing

Mrs. MaryAnn Woodard Extended care Coordinator


Mrs. Patti Delgado Prekindergarten AM

Ms. Olga Huerta Prekindergarten PM

Mrs. Lacey Zinsu Prekindergarten

Middle School

Ms. Natasha Flitz 7th Grade Homeroom and Religion; 7/8 Science and Math

Mr. Stephen Kawulicz 6th Grade Homeroom and Religion; 5/6 ELA, and Social Studie

Ms. Stacey Larson 8th Grade Homeroom and Religion; 7/8 ELA, and Social Studies. Student Council Moderator


Mrs. Yvonne Dagum Technology Coordinator

Mrs. Mary Holroyd PK-8 P.E.

Mrs. Michelle Hughes Librarian

Position Open Music Teacher

Mrs. Jan Sharp Substitute Teacher and Tutor

Mrs. Maria White Learning Support Specialist for 1st – 5th

Primary Grades

Mrs. Linda Burke Grade 2

Mrs. Michelle Curry Grade 1

Mrs. Meaghan Hanson Kindergarten

Mrs. Verona Lunsford Teachers’ Assistant

Mrs. Andrea Lyons Grade 3

Ms. Jennifer O’Farrell Grade 5

Ms. Brenda Ryan Grade 4