Dress Code and Uniform Policy

Our dress code and school uniforms are designed to be conservative in nature to avoid distractions to the learning environment. PARENTS are expected to help children comply with the school uniform rules.  

At St. Frances Cabrini School we wear uniforms because . . ..  

  1. They discourage differences brought about by various income levels, thus eliminating unnecessary peer pressure, and allowing the attention of the student to be directed to learning. 
  1. They promote an image of pride both at and away from school. They represent our Catholic school image.  
  1. They help create a positive climate of discipline and responsibility.  
  1. They are financially less costly to families and more easily maintained.  
  1. They promote an attitude of moderation and modesty

Dennis Uniform Store  (online store only) School code: XTF390 

French Toast Uniform (online store only)  School code: QS5CABD

Frontline Specialties Store supplies our spirit day uniform to wear only on Thursdays. 

Uniform and Dress Code Guidelines

PreKindergarten up to 5th-grade Clothing and Accessories

Microfleece Jacket
RedDennis Uniform Store only. Monogrammed sweater V-necked cardigan, V-neck pullover, sleeveless fleece or sweater vest, or fleece jacket.  All cardigan sweaters or microfleece jackets must be worn with a white polo shirt.
VestsRedV-neck cardigan or fleece with school logo, Dennis Uniform Store only. All vests must be worn with a white polo shirt.  
ShirtsSolid whitePlain, no logo, white (only) blouse; Peter Pan collar, oxford cloth blouse, knit polo shirt or turtleneck; long or short sleeves. (Shirts are always to be tucked in.) No lace or frilly collars.
PantsSolid navy blueChino or cord, uniform-style dress slacks, worn at waist. Hem at top of shoe.
ShortsSolid navy blueWalking style, top of knee length, fitted, worn at waist. May be worn all year.
JumpersLloyd plaidPre-K-5 girls, Dennis Uniform Store only. Top of knee length.
UndershirtsSolid whiteTucked in, not visible.
BeltsNavy, brown, or black/solid 
Shoes PreK-8: Required: Athletic/tennis shoesBrown, white, navy, black, tan, grayMust be athletic or dress shoes with non-scuff soles; brown, white, navy blue, black, tan, or gray in color with no bright colors, lights, or designs; no black rubber heels. When not possible to purchase single color shoes, a combination of brown, white, navy blue, or black is acceptable. (Must have athletic shoes for PE days)
Crew Socks PreK-8Matching Red, white, or navySocks must be worn. During cold weather, students may wear fitted tights or leggings which are the colors listed below for warmth under their skirt or pants. Long underwear is not allowed. Socks must match and be clearly visible above the shoe. Knee-highs or tights (solid colors and no logos).

Spirit Wear PreK-8
 Thursday only. Spirit Wear must be purchased through  our school store called Frontline Specialties.
**No other sweatshirts of any kind are to be worn during the school day. **

Knights Unite & Amorevolezza T-shirts
 To be worn untucked on Thursdays that are not Mass days during the school year.

6th – 8th Grades Clothing and Accessories

Free Dress Days– Observe modesty
– No hoods, hats, or head coverings worn in buildings
– No inappropriate images or language on clothing
– No undersized, oversized, or unkempt clothing (e.g., no jeans with holes)
– No tank tops
– No bare midriffs (tops should be long enough to tuck into bottoms)
– Undergarments should not be visible
– Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be no shorter than fingertips when arms are at sides
– No baggy sweatpants
– Closed-toed shoes only
– Non-athletic leggings may be worn, but tops must come to the hip
– T-shirt logos must be in good taste and appropriate for a Catholic school.
– On occasion, a free dress day may include a theme (i.e., red & white day; famous person day, etc.).
Theme days will be announced in the Wednesday Connection.


Clean, brushed/combedClean, brushed/combed
Coloring and/or bleaching from a natural color is not permittedColoring and/or bleaching from a natural color is not permitted
Extravagant styles not allowed (e.g., spiked, faux hawk, shave lines, etc.)Extravagant styles not allowed (e.g., spiked, faux hawk, shave lines, etc.)
Must be neat and off the face.Bows and hair decorations must be small, simple and in accord with the school uniform colors.
No makeup for grades PreK-8th.
No nail polish may be worn to school.
No glitter, tinted lip gloss or lipstick, rouge, mascara, eye shadow,
face creams, or powders.
Body piercing and tattoos and/or other body art is not allowed.
Post earrings (no larger than a dime) allowed.
No dangling earrings.
A wristwatch (non-distracting) is acceptable.
No bracelets*, rings, or anklets allowed.
Only religious pins or necklaces allowed.  
Only ear piercings.
*Medic alert bracelets or necklaces are acceptable