About Cabrini

Welcome to St. Frances Cabrini School!

People believe in Catholic Schools because they have a proven record of success and they are safe, secure places. That can be found in abundance at Cabrini!  St. Frances Cabrini School students from all racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds have achieved success in high school, college and life. At Cabrini, students are taught about their responsibilities to other people and given opportunities and challenges to act out their Christian values. St. Frances Cabrini School enhances the self-worth of students by providing them with Christian motivations for their actions. St. Frances Cabrini School provides total education.

At Cabrini, your child receives an education that nurtures the spirit as well as the mind.

All Cabrini teachers are state certified, highly motivated, and committed to fostering educational excellence. We teach in an atmosphere of faith, care, and respect.

Our Prekindergarten and Kindergarten programs recognize that each child is on the brink of many new and wondrous discoveries about self, others, and the world in which we live. These programs provide many enriching activities and opportunities that will develop and increase your child’s spiritual awareness, social/emotional growth, and physical, intellectual, and creative skills. Prekindergarten and Kindergarten are full-day programs Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Extended Care offers quality and creative programs by experienced staff. For a nominal fee, the childcare program is available before and after school hours for students enrolled at St. Frances Cabrini School.

We encourage and expect parents to be involved at school. Parents and teachers work together to create a partnership of mutual support in which your child grows best.

Teachers provide learning experiences in all developmental areas – religious, social, intellectual, emotional, and physical. We see each child as an individual who learns and grows in a unique way. Teachers have a personal commitment to guide with love, understanding, patience, and competence. Children respond with confidence, joy, and fulfillment.

Gospel values are modeled and woven into the fabric of each school day.

Faith development is rooted in Christian principles and Catholic beliefs and traditions. Staff and students begin each day with prayer and sharing, birthdays, and blessings. Students regularly take leadership roles as altar servers, lectors, and readers in our church services.

Students are challenged to achieve excellence. The curriculum focuses on basics and is enhanced with art, music, and other middle school electives. The curriculum is evaluated regularly, and textbooks are kept current. Cabrini students consistently perform above average on achievement tests.

We know that a child grows best within a nurturing environment of discipline and values. Our philosophy of discipline is based on the Gospel value of love. A student who makes a choice outside this philosophy can expect consequences which sometimes include community service for the school.

The Cabrini school community practices the Gospel message, “Love God and your neighbor as yourself.”  We reach beyond the classroom to care for others. We collect food, clothing, and funds for food banks; visit, write and entertain senior citizens at health care centers; and visit and write to the homebound.

Extracurricular activities support Cabrini’s dedication to the development of the “whole” child. Programs for personal choice involvement include CYO inter-mural sports, outdoor education camp, student council, and many other activities.

We invite you to experience Cabrini.

Tour our school and see for yourself. Contact us to arrange a visit and see why St. Frances Cabrini School may be the best option for your child’s education.