After School Clubs

St. Frances Cabrini School proudly organizes our After School Clubs for extracurricular enrichment.  These clubs enhance our students’ interests and support learning and growth in areas of Art, Foreign Language, Lego Technology, Dungeons & Dragons, Robotics, and Coding. The After School clubs are offered each quarter.  

Art Club (Kindergarten to 8th)

After-school Art Class is a fun, upbeat time where your kids get to explore different art styles and media like painting with balloons, Oversized Zentangle/Watercolor paintings, designing & build your own Anime character, and more!!!

Bricks4Kidz® Club (Kindergarten to 5th)

Bricks4Kidz® After-School Classes build on the universal popularity of LEGO®Bricks to deliver high-quality, educational play. Every class is a fun, enriching experience for your child, building new projects each week based on a 6 or 9-week theme, using the classic bricks loved by generations of children.

Chess Club (Kindergarten to 8th)

The Chess Club is a competitive program that competes in tournaments all over Pierce County, not only as individuals but as a team as well. Your child does not need to know how to play as all the rules and moves will be explained during the first class. Note: You must be able to participate in at least three Saturday tournaments to join the chess club.

We need Volunteers to make this happen and make it affordable for your child.  We are currently looking for a new instructor or a parent volunteer. If you are interested, please contact the Development office.

Coding Club (4th to 8th)

Virtual Reality Coding Prerequisite: At least a year working with Scratch

Description: CoSpaces is a platform that enables students to create 3D spaces. There is a library full of 3D objects for students to use and manipulate to create a meaningful story, art, animation, and interactive games. They can view their project using Google cardboard VR in class or at home. Students will code using visual coding blocks. However, they can do line-based coding if they are up for the challenge. This platform builds upon their prior knowledge of computer science concepts such as events, conditionals, loops, and operators.

Dungeons & Dragons Club (4th to 8th)

Dungeons & Dragons Club is a table-top role-playing game that will allow students to exercise their creativity and problem-solving and develop social skills with their peers in imaginative settings.

Robotics Club (4th to 8th)

EV3 and Mindstorms® technologies, computer programming, and unique robot models. Children are introduced to somewhat more advanced language features, equipping them at an early age to succeed in a technology-based marketplace. STEM concepts and teamwork where kids learn real-life skills while having real-kid fun! Promotes creative thinking, Teamwork & Collaboration, Improved problem-solving skills, and computer programming.

Spanish Club (Kindergarten to 5th)

Discover the joy of dancing to Latin American music! Your child will receive hands-on activities, visual and auditory learning experiences, music, games, and much more fun to serve their learning needs while learning a new language. The language will be integrated as directions, and some vocabulary will be used in Spanish.

We look forward to seeing your students participating and to your support of our excellent After School activities.

Athletics Program

St. Frances Cabrini is a member of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) and plays for the Chinook League. The WIAA is the governing body of the Chinook League. Currently, the league consists of 14 private schools in Pierce County. This is open to all boys and girls in the parish and school from Kindergarten to Eighth (basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track & field). We partnered in the 22-23 school year with the WIAA and the Chinook Athletic League.

Students in grades K-8 are invited to participate.

Our athletic programs help athletes understand service to others and will help them better understand their sense of belonging. Youth are brought together from different parishes, schools, and social backgrounds in an atmosphere that fosters recognizing one’s strengths and limitations, the lesson of winning and losing, and respect for all involved: fellow players, opponents, coaches, and officials. 

Sports include:

  • Cross country (All grades) – September – Fall
  • Middle School Volleyball – September – Fall
  • Middle School Basketball – October – March (Boys Oct-Dec, Girls Jan-March)
  • Basketball Dec-March
  • Volleyball – March-May
  • All grades Track & Field – April – May


St. Frances Cabrini sports is to strengthen all students through participation in excellent, fair, safe, and accessible sporting activities.

SFC offers the following sports programs: 

Cross Country (K-8th)

The season runs from September- October; sign-up is in August

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Basketball (3th-5th)

The season runs from December – March, and sign-up is in late Fall.

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Volleyball (3th-5th)

The season runs March-May, and sign-up is in Spring.

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Track and Field (K-8th)

The season runs from March to May and sign-up in Spring

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