Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE’s)

At St. Frances Cabrini School, our Schoolwide Learning Expectations guide us towards the goals we have for all of our students. Realizing that as students grow, change and develop in their emotional, spiritual, physical, and academic lives, we strive to help each one reach full potential as a framework for establishing curriculum goals. Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations are an important part of our rich and challenging program.

A Student of St. Frances Cabrini School will be: 

A Person Rooted in Faith who:  

  1. Knows required prayers, traditions, and Catholic teachings 
  1. Is Christ-like in words and relationships  
  1. Engages in a relationship with God through participation in prayer, worship, and stewardship.
  2. Serves the needs of the school and the greater community.

An Active Learner who:

  1. Writes, communicates, and listens effectively 
  1. Demonstrates problem-solving and critical-thinking skills 
  1. Works cooperatively with fellow students.