Scrip Program

Scrip is fundraising while you shop! 

* St Frances Cabrini school families, friends, and parishioners buy retail gift cards through the Scrip program at their face value.  There are over 700 national retail stores and many local vendors on the program, all places where you already shop. 
* As an incentive for selling these gift cards, Scrip rebates the SFC School anywhere from 1-25% depending on the retailer 
* Each school family commits to earning $250 in rebates or has the option to opt out of the program by writing a check for $250 to the school. If the $250 commitment is not met, each family will pay the difference. 
* It’s easy!  For example, if you purchase a $100 Fred Meyer gift card (4% rebate), you get to spend all $100 at Fred Meyer, and Scrip sends the school a check for $4.00.  If you spend that same $100 on a gift card to AMC Theaters or Macys (10% rebate), you spend the $100 and a check is sent to SFC School in the amount of $10. 
* It’s safe!  Your family, extended family, and friends can purchase these gift cards at school or online (  Your children don’t have to sell door to door and the supporters of this program are purchasing something they actually need. It’s a win-win-win!  
* Who doesn’t buy gift cards at Christmas time or birthdays? 

 Just make sure you purchase them through the SFC School Scrip program.  

This is a great way to support the school financially. 

Purchasing Scrip Online

Support St. Frances Cabrini School from the safety of your home. You can have gift cards from over 250 different merchants delivered to your door! Scrip has a handy gift guide to help you find those perfect gifts, and cards are shipped right to your door!

If you prefer to sign up from your PC, you can shop on

RaiseRight App

For Mobile set up of Shop With Scrip program, the RaiseRight app can be downloaded from the App Store. This program allows you to make $ for the school by buying gift cards, consider using them to buy at over 250 merchants, including, Starbucks, Target, etc., instead of using your credit card.

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