Meet Father Paul

Dear St. Frances Cabrini School parents,

As we begin a new school year, I am happy to welcome you to our shared journey together at St. Frances Cabrini School. Jesus is the core of our faith and we are connected in love and peace to assist you in raising your children to be excellent students and, more importantly, good leaders and citizens. We are united equally in being made in the image and likeness of God. We promote a school culture that emphasizes respect for the dignity of each person and our obligation to care for each other emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We support each child’s family faith tradition. We support self-responsibility, hard work, pursuit of excellence, and love of God and neighbor as our core values.

As a Catholic parish, St. Frances Cabrini seeks to “Glorify the Lord with our lives.” What does that mean? St. Irenaeus wrote: “The glory of God is a human being fully alive!” We are “Knights United” helping our students become fully alive: mind, body, and spirit as disciples of Christ actively engaged in life.

As an extension of our parish, St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School seeks to encounter Christ in each child and family. I fully support St Frances Cabrini School as a safe, loving, and faith-filled learning community. Everything we do is used to glorify God. We share the joy of the Gospel and express our faith in our curriculum, the structure of our day, our prayers, and our recreation. Our students are encouraged to discover Christ in their classmates and teachers. Our teaching, discipline, and culture flow from our love for children. Each child is loved for their unique dignity and secondarily for ability, effort, and work.

“St. Frances Cabrini School provides a quality Catholic education which inspires academic excellence and motivates students to become respectful, responsible individuals, who are active Disciples of Christ.”

I am impressed by the joy and respect I see in our classrooms, in our students at prayer, and in our play. I welcome each new student and their family to this new school year. To returning students and parents, we are glad that we will be a part of your family life this year. You are what makes it great to live the adventure that is St France Cabrini School. We look forward to a great and safe school year. Please contact Ms. Monica Davis with questions or to enroll your student. We are “Knights United”!

Father Paul, Pastor, St Frances Cabrini Parish