Cabrini Parents are the Best!

Staff and parents are a team at St. Frances Cabrini School.  It is because of the quality home-school partnership that our students excel in their education.   The strength of this partnership is based in the fact that the Cabrini community holds common values - respect, discipline, high expectations, patriotism, God,– all are principles that are a part of the school environment.  Parents and staff work together to model and uphold to the children these principles for the good of each student. 


Each year, our parents give thousands of hours of volunteer service to the school.  They help in the classrooms, serve the school through Parents' Club activities and leadership on the School Commission; they coach school teams, keep the school grounds in good shape, provide skilled services, and 96% of the parents work to make the annual Auction and Raffle successful. 


These are just a few of the many ways Cabrini parents support their school with their time, talent and treasure. 



Parent Commitment

St. Frances Cabrini School recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children and seeks to form a strong and active partnership to foster the spiritual and academic education of each child.  Within the school's community of faith, students are given opportunities to grow and achieve the Schoolwide Learning Expectations.  Every parent is expected to be a good role model of those principles and expectations which are essential to the purpose of the school and to support the staff in its role of educating.



 By registering a child in St. Frances Cabrini School, a parent accepts and agrees to... actively involved in the child's Faith development.

     .....uphold Christian standards of conduct and discipline as outlined in the school handbook.

     .....participate in a positive manner to build up the Christian community of the School. in full your share of the cost of education and other required fees. and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in the school handbook.



Cabrini parents are exceptional in their fulfillment of these commitments and they are supported by a highly qualified group of teachers and staff.  That’s what has made St. Frances Cabrini School the high quality school it has been for more than 50 years.