Welcome Parents and Guardians!

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Thank you for your interest in Saint Frances Cabrini School.  I know that the choice of where to educate your child is a very important decision and can be a difficult one.  I am here to help. 

St. Frances Cabrini is a wonderful school dedicated to developing the whole child. We strive to provide an excellent learning environment in which our students are challenged academically, and encouraged to grow spiritually, socially and emotionally.  We care deeply about our students and the persons they will become. What makes us different isthat we see God in the face of every child. 

We are a Catholic School that is distinguished in excellence, and a community that is growing in knowledge, wisdom, and grace. 
After viewing our web site, please let me know if I can offer my assistance in any way.

God Bless,
Principal Monica Davis

St. Frances Cabrini can use your help!

Whether you're a past or current parent or even a community member, we could use your help.

"My daughter has only been in school here for two weeks. In this short time, however, she has already displayed some signs of Christian growth.  The questions she asks about life and death are probing and complex.  As parents these questions enhance our Christian growth, as well."
"By attending St. Frances Cabrini School, my child will gain the continuation of respect, tolerance, self discipline and the caring for others."
"The school's greatest strengths are many, but discipline and keeping parents informed of student progress seem to stand out."
"The school gives great attention to the needs of its students, plus it is relatively small. The school has high standards of achievement."