What are the school hours?
8:00am                   School Office Opens
8:15am – 8:25am   Carpool drop-off time
8:30pm                   Late bell rings.  Classes begin
3:00pm                   Dismissal
3:00pm – 3:15pm   Carpool pickup
3:15pm                   Students remaining are taken to Extended Care
Do you offer PreKindergarten?
We have a wonderful program starting for children who are 4 years old by August 31st.  Pre-Kindergarten sessions are in the morning or afternoon. Extended care is available for those families who need all day care.

Morning Pre-Kindergarten     8:30am – 11:15am
Afternoon Pre-Kindergarten  11:15am – 3:00pm
What are the hours of extended care?
6:45 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. for PreK-8
8:30a.m.-12:15pm for PM session of PreK
11:15 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. for AM session of PreK
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for PreK-8
Do I need to be Catholic to attend the school?
You do not need to be Catholic.  We welcome all faiths to St. Frances Cabrini.
How does communication work at the school?
• Every Wednesday, students bring home a family envelope.   This envelope contains important school information.

• There is an electronic newsletter called “ Connection” that comes out every Wednesday.  The Connection has updates from the principal and information for the week.     

• Each parent receives a school directory with contact information for staff and families. 

• The school uses an electronic program called School Speak that allows parents to view grades and homework progress on-line.

• The school website (www.cabrinischool.org) has information on each grade, including summer homework.     

• The Parents’ Club puts out a monthly newsletter with highlights of school activities.
Where do I get uniforms?
• SFC uniforms can be ordered from Dennis Uniforms.  Many families order on-line.

• Old Navy and Target are good stores for white shirts and navy pants.

• The school store sells sweatshirts and spirit wear.

• The used uniform closet has gently used uniforms to help decrease uniform costs for families.
Is there a bus?
St. Frances Cabrini does not have a bus system to transport children.  However many families carpool to help with transportation.
Is the school safe?
Yes! Your child’s safety is important to us.
• We have a  security fence around the school.  A code is needed to enter the school.

• We have a camera monitoring system in the school.

• St. Frances Cabrini  school is located approximately one mile from the Lakewood Police Department.

• Our teachers and staff train yearly on safety procedures such as lockdowns,
earthquake procedures and fire drills.
What sports do you offer?
We have cross country for K-8.  We also have basketball and volleyball for 4-8.
What enrichment programs do you have after school?
We offer a variety of enrichment programs at the school.  These programs include art, robotics, sports, chess and spanish.
What kind of technology do you have?
All students 3rd - 8th grade are given a Chrome tablet to use during the school year. All grades incorporate technology in their learning.
How do volunteer hours work?
• Each parent is required to volunteer 15 hours. There are volunteer jobs to fit everyone’s schedule.  You can do jobs at the school, parish or at home.

• In addition to the above hours, every family is required to volunteer 5 hours toward the school auction, which is the biggest fundraiser of the year.

• Everyone who volunteers directly with students is required to attend a class on “Protecting God’s Children.”
Is there a school nurse?
We do not have a school nurse.  We do have a health room where children go when they are sick.  If your child needs medication, please pick up “Medication at School” form at the office.  If your child needs cough drops, send a note to the office with cough drops.
What is the Parent’s Club?
The Parent’s Club is a group of parent volunteers that help plan school activities, including sports, book fairs, and special events.  The Parent’s Club meets monthly and is open to all parents.
How much fundraising do I need to do for the school?
The school has moved away from having lots of small fundraisers.   We have 2 large fundraisers to assist with the cost of Catholic education; the Annual Giving Campaign and School Auction. 

The Annual Giving Campaign is held in October and involves a phonathon.  The school auction is held the first Saturday in March.  It is the school’s biggest party of the year and helps fund tuition and school upgrades.

In addition, each family is required to participate in the Scrip program, to help with education costs.  Scrip is a program where families purchase gift cards and a percentage of the gift card purchase is rebated back to the school. Each family is required to earn $250 in rebate profit for the school.   Families can opt out of the Scrip program and pay $250 to the school.
"My daughter has only been in school here for two weeks. In this short time, however, she has already displayed some signs of Christian growth.  The questions she asks about life and death are probing and complex.  As parents these questions enhance our Christian growth, as well."
"By attending St. Frances Cabrini School, my child will gain the continuation of respect, tolerance, self discipline and the caring for others."
"The school's greatest strengths are many, but discipline and keeping parents informed of student progress seem to stand out."
"The school gives great attention to the needs of its students, plus it is relatively small. The school has high standards of achievement."