Welcome to Elementary School!

The elementary school program recognizes that each child is on the brink of many new and wondrous discoveries about self, others and the world in which we live. Our  programs provide many enriching activities and opportunities that will develop and increase your child's spiritual awareness, social/emotional growth and physical, intellectual and creative skills. 

"My daughter has only been in school here for two weeks. In this short time, however, she has already displayed some signs of Christian growth.  The questions she asks about life and death are probing and complex.  As parents these questions enhance our Christian growth, as well."
"By attending St. Frances Cabrini School, my child will gain the continuation of respect, tolerance, self discipline and the caring for others."
"The school's greatest strengths are many, but discipline and keeping parents informed of student progress seem to stand out."
"The school gives great attention to the needs of its students, plus it is relatively small. The school has high standards of achievement."