St. Frances Cabrini School...

  • Advent_2014Infuses Catholic teachings and Christian values into each school day. Our days begin and end with prayer, classes attend Mass each week, and liturgical seasons are celebrated with many rich and meaningful experiences that are both traditional and new. God can be discussed in science and social studies just as well as religion. Our children grow in Hope and Faith and have many opportunities to serve others. It's all woven into the fabric of each school day.


  • Emphasizes student success beginning with a strong learning foundation in basic skills. Students consistently score well on annual standardized tests with average test scores in the 80th to 90th percentile.


  • Fosters a sense of community and of belonging. As a small school, there are many opportunities for older and younger children to share activities, develop friendly, responsible relationships and build character and confidence. We are a school that strives to reflect the family of God. Our students are of many ethnic backgrounds. We value economic diversity amongst our families as well. Our supporting parishes and our school's major fundraising activities are important elements in that effort.


  • Enriches the basic curriculum with specialists who teach music, PE, band, drama and technology. Technology is integrated into many subjects in grades one through eight. The entire school is networked for both the lab and classroom computers.

Parent Involvement

Parents are visible in the building throughout the school day.


Help Expectation. At least 15 hours of service to the school is required from each parent. Most parents enjoy it so much that their hours number in the hundreds.


Par_BBQParents are a support team for teachers and school staff. They also play essential roles in fund raising and school governance.


  • Parents' Club: All parents belong to this essential arm of the Cabrini community. The Parents' Club provides educational, emotional, financial and spiritual support for students, parents and Cabrini's staff. This group sponsors fundraisers which provide many 'extras' for the school's programs and facilities.


  • School Commission is a small group of parents who provide leadership to the school by advising the pastor and principal in school planning, policy development, finance, public relations and evaluation.


Open Communications.


  • To foster each child's learning, teachers and the Principal encourage communications with the parents.


  • Weekly School Bulletin and 'take home envelope' (and this web site) are designed to keep parents up-to-date on what is going on in their child’s school.