Welcome from Mr. Ian Home

Welcome to St. Frances Cabrini School. I am thrilled and  IanHome2014honored to be a part of the tradition of excellence in Catholic Education here.


At Cabrini you will experience a true partnership as teachers, students, parents, volunteers, parishoners, alumni and all community members work together to ensure that each child receives an education that nurtures the spirit as well as the mind.


Since the school first opened in 1953, St. Frances Cabrini has been a place where Gospel values are modeled and woven into the fabric of each school day. Please explore this website to experience more of our school.


STAFF: Our very qualified staff accepts salaries considerably below our public school counterparts, not because it’s easier to teach in a Catholic school, but because there is something in their hearts that wants to respond to God’s call to serve. They love children. They love the challenge of helping children grow and learn. They choose to teach in a Catholic school because they know our school makes a difference in their lives and they make a difference to each child.


Our school is able to serve most children, but, like many Catholic schools, we don’t have the funds or facilities to accommodate children with serious special needs. Every teacher provides learning accommodations in the classroom, and we have a reading specialist. This supports those children with mild learning disabilities. Pre-registration assessment determines whether we are able to meet a child’s needs and the child’s opportunity for success in our school. We are blessed with a successful working relationship with the local public school district and with a part time resource teacher on staff.


DISCIPLINE: Our children learn well because they are in an orderly, caring atmosphere where "What would Jesus do?" is the motivation for developing self-discipline, the kind of discipline needed to succeed in life. The children feel safe, loved, peaceful and successful at school. They know they are held to a higher standard and feel good about themselves because they meet that standard daily.


LEADERSHIP: The future of the Church and the world depends on having people who will one day live lives of service. Leadership opportunities prepare our students for the future. Our junior high students are Student Council officers and are constantly involved in leadership for the whole school. The Cabrini children participate every week in the Mass – as lectors and servers. They develop poise, public speaking skills and a strong understanding of being of service to the church. Ask any of our parish seniors who go to Mass every day. The children’s happy smiles, self-confidence and respect touch and make a difference to everyone.


COMMUNITY SERVICE: Throughout the school year, Pre-K thru 8th grade students reach out to the needs of the wider community. The students visit the elderly, sponsor blood drives, make cards and pray for the sick, elderly and shut ins. Sometimes the activities of our students touch a few; other times, they touch many. To all, they make a difference. And the children know that they can and do make a difference. Our children believe in themselves because so many others believe in them through their many outreach activities.


PARENTS: Many parents who choose Catholic education for their children make sacrifices to afford the cost. Often their choice means going without some of the material things that today’s society tells us we should have. Our families range in income levels from those on welfare to those who can afford the full cost. Fair Share and generous donors make this possible.


Tuition assistance funds are raised each year through our Annual Giving Campaign and our Endowment: The 21st Century Fund. The Parish helps active parish families through Parish grants. We are most grateful to the many who contribute very generously to help these families. Their giving is evidence that they understand the importance of Catholic education. Come into the school and see our Endowment display and you will see the names of those who have given to provide perpetual support to help children receive a Catholic education.


Parents know and experience that the material sacrifices they make are worthwhile. Their children are receiving the best education – education of their child’s mind heart, spirit and soul. Today’s society seems to demand that we invest many dollars in our children’s physical well-being with braces, participation in programs, for athletics, lessons in art, dance, music, in video games and everything else. How much of an investment do we make in the care of their souls?


Throughout the pages of our website you will get an idea of the many special qualities of our school, of the joys and successes of our students. God blesses the fruits of our labors.


If your child is currently in a Catholic school, God will bless you and reward you for the sacrifices you make, for making your child’s education your top priority.


If your child is not in a Catholic school, or you are new to the area and looking for the best school for your child, I invite you to visit us. If you choose to enroll, you will find the rewards are great!