Welcome to Kindergarten

It is my privilege to welcome you and your child to SFC Kindergarten. My name is Cindy Cornwell and I have been teaching for over 30 years and kindergarten for 27. I earned my degree from WSU. My postgraduate work was completed at PLU and UPS. I have been teaching at SFC for 23 years, and my two daughters graduated from St. Frances Cabrini.



The kindergarten child learns best through touch, exploration and movement; through activities that engage the whole child. I believe that every child has the right to an education in a safe, compassionate and spiritual environment.




Child Development

Spiritual: The kindergarten child has a natural sense of wonder and awe

  • Experiences God through parents and guardians from whom they experience God’s love
  • Prayer (formal and spontaneous) comes naturally; enjoys ritual and ceremony
  • Interprets Bible stories literally


Emotional/Social: The kindergarten child typically gets along well with others

  • Plays best with friends in pairs rather than in larger groups
  • Begins to understand rules, the concepts of winning/losing and working together
  • Affirmation of their abilities and dignity as persons vital to their development



Physical: Changes occur rapidly in the growth and development of a kindergarten child

  • They vary greatly in height and weight and coordination is not yet fully developed
  • Fine motor skills such as printing, coloring and cutting continue to develop and can be challenging
  • Large motor skills such as clapping, hopping and skipping are developing
  • Short attention span and increased motor activity make staying on task difficult

Kindergarten Highlights

  • Field trip to the Pumpkin Patch in October and end of year trip to Pt. Defiance
  • Happy Birthday, Jesus party and participation in the all-school Christmas program in December
  • 100th Day of Kindergarten Celebration


We are all God’s caretakers and the kindergarten class becomes active participants in our school/parish community through our class service activity - sharing our time and talents. The kindergarten class straightens the hymnals, envelopes and pews of the church. We begin each session with a ritual prayer and blessing of our hands, hearts and minds as we prepare to do God’s work.


Religion: Through songs, stories, class prayer services and interaction with their peers, the kindergarten child learns the gospel values of community, faith, hope, courage, love, reconciliation, service and justice.



Language Arts

  • Includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Letter recognition, letter-sound association, letter formation and basic sight words are taught through stories, playing games, singing, memorizing poems, making books and journal writing




  • Patterning, naming shapes, counting to 120, number recognition, adding and subtracting numbers through 5, ordering of numbers and calendar concepts
  • Math concepts are taught through a variety of activities such as math games, graphing, whole group instruction, math centers and stories




Social Studies

  • Develop an awareness, cooperation, and appreciation of themselves and others as member of a community
  • Understand that all groups need rules and standards
  • Learn to express feelings appropriately
  • Learn about traffic, fire and personal safety




  • Explore elements of the scientific process (observe, predict, gather data)
  • Life cycles of plants, animals and insects


Art, PE, Music and Library enhance the kindergarten curriculum.