Welcome to 6th Grade

My name is Stacey Larson. I am a graduate of St. Martin’s University with a BA in Elementary Education. I also earned an endorsement in English/L.A. and a minor in Religious Studies, as well as Catechetical Certification from the Archdiocese of Seattle. Previously, I taught for three years, grades 5-8, at a Catholic school in Tacoma. I am very happy to be part of the caring and faith-filled community at Cabrini.


My classroom is a cooperative environment where students, parents and teachers work together to find academic success. The students are challenged to develop academically, socially and spiritually.

Child Development

Spiritually: Sixth graders are looking for a relationship with God that is personal to them. Authority figures have less influence in their lives. They respond well to guided meditation and learn from sharing their experiences, questions and doubts.  


Emotionally and socially: The students are insecure as to where they belong in the group, can be clumsy and socially self-conscious. They are experiencing an emerging self-identity, trying to identify their place in the group, have mood swings, and need a lot of affirmation. They are dealing with peer pressure and cliques and can tend to easily have hurt feelings.


Physically: Sixth graders are changing and often don’t understand what is happening to their bodies. They are dealing with puberty, changing behavior, and recognizing and aware of the opposite sex.            

6th Grade Highlights

6thcampEcology is a major focus of 6th grade science, and outdoor education enhances their learning with a week-long trip to Camp Osprey. The week at environmental camp is full of hands-on work. The students learn responsibility and leadership by sponsoring several fund raising activities to help defray camp costs.






Service is an integral part of the education of our students to help them become good citizens and good Christians. The sixth grade service activity is to support the local food bank by collecting aluminum cans here at school and throughout the parish community. With the help of school parents, the students sell the cans that have been collected at a recycling center and use the money raised to buy food for the local food bank. Students learn of the great number of people in our community who need help and take great pride knowing that they are helping.

6th Grade Curriculum


6thReligion: The Old Testament is covered from the creation through the prophets with a brief study of the birth of Jesus and the beginnings of the Church. We also study:

  • origin of evil and sin
  • literary styles and interpretations of the Bible
  • stories foretelling the Messiah



Reading: Students read and experience different literary genres. They learn strategies to help them become better readers through reading-

  • fiction vs. nonfiction
  • reading for pleasure vs. reading for knowledge




Language Arts/English: This area includes both writing and grammar.

  • writing for different reasons: exploratory, expository, convincing
  • identify and use English conventions correctly: sentences, commas



Mathematics: Students will master whole number operations and properties and will work with fractions, decimals, geometry and negative values. They will also learn to apply mathematics to the real world through-

  • math fair projects
  • comparison shopping as part of the class service activity
  • math involving everyday situations



Social Studies: Students study the period of pre-history, the development of civilizations and current cultures. Hands-on activities that reinforce learning include an experience of mummifying a chicken, luncheons celebrating different cultures and building solar cookers for a hot dog day.



Technology: Students apply their previously learned word processing skills, learn various methods of formatting, how to judge the value and veracity of different web sites and develop spread sheets and power point presentations related to their classroom studies.