Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A Graduate of St. Frances Cabrini School will be:


A Faith-filled Christian who

  • Is Christ-like in word, actions and relationships
  • Knows and practices Catholic teachings and traditions
  • Demonstrates a relationship with God through participation in prayer, worship and ministry
  • Exhibits informed moral and ethical choices
  • Demonstrates respect and stewardship for all God’s creation

An Active Learner who

  • Uses various resources, skills and strategies to increase knowledge and understanding
  • Demonstrates critical thinking skills
  • Has acquired a strong foundation in academic skills
  • Writes and communicates effectively

A Responsible Citizen who

  • Serves the needs of the community and the world
  • Demonstrates respect for self and others
  • Makes sound decisions, obeys laws and works for social justice
  • Demonstrates good citizenship
  • Works independently as well as cooperatively
  • Expresses feelings and opinions in a respectful, non-aggressive manner

A Well-rounded Person who

  • Sets goals to achieve personal best
  • Takes responsibility for own actions
  • Develops habits that promote health of mind, body and spirit

School Staff




Pastor - Fr. Peter Mactutis

Principal - Mr. Ian Home

Assistant Principal - Mrs. Joanne Lott

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Mary Langendorf




Ms. Patti Delgado


Mrs. Linda Ponce

Music Teacher

Mrs. Cindy Cornwell


Mr. Eric Anderson


Mrs. Peggy Kennel

1st Grade

Mrs. Maria White

Learning Specialist, 8th Gr. US History

Mrs. Linda Burke

2nd Grade

Mrs. Kim Early & Mrs. Erin Chanfrau

Office Assistants

Mrs. Andrea Lyons

3rd Grade

Mrs. Lynn Martin

Librarian, Technology Coordinator

Ms. Brenda Ryan

4th Grade

Mrs. Mary Holroyd

PreK-8th PE, 8th Gr. Religion

Mrs. Lynn Wilson

5th Grade

Mrs. Linda Ponce


Ms. Stacey Larson

6th Grade

Mr. Adam Home


Mrs. Rebecca Sanchez

7th Gr. HR, Religion, Language Arts; 8th Gr. Language Arts, US History

Mrs. Kathy Williams-Spencer

Development Director, Alumni Relations

Mr. Tim McCarthy

8th Gr. HR, 7/8 Math and Science, 7th Social Studies

Mrs. Patsy Walker

Development Assistant

Mrs. Judy Summers

Mrs. Verona Lunsford

Extended Care Director

Extended Care Assistant


"What greater work is there than training the mind and forming the habits of the young."

-St. John Chrysostom


"Teaching lays the foundation for Faith and life in our children. The major reason for our school's existence is to develop Christ-like people. The methods have changed over the years. Instead of the old stories of teachers who smacked the student's knuckles with rulers, today we develop an atmosphere of close relationships, a strong supporting environment. Instead of old-fashion teaching, we teach our students to live out their Christian beliefs through service to others, unity in diversity, hope and sharing in the midst of a demanding materialistic world."

-- Stephanie Van Leuven (Former Principal, St. Frances Cabrini School)